We have a well-deserved reputation for doing a superb job with test prep. That’s because our approach to test prep is based on solid educational practice. We administer an assessment exam, identify what your child needs to learn, and teach him or her those skills. That's the difference between us and other top tutoring companies -- we don't just prep for the test. We teach until the child understands. For now and forever.

We offer private lessons for…

  • Gifted and talented testing. Our students have been admitted to all the top public schools, including Hunter, Anderson, NEST+m, and Lower Lab.
  • Common Core testing. One hundred percent of the third and fourth grade children enrolled with us scored at the proficient, or advanced level during the first year the Common Core tests were administered. 100 percent! We had those results in a year when only 30 percent of New York City children passed the tests. We continue to have outstanding results, with the vast majority of our students scoring proficient, or advanced, year after year.
  • Public middle school entrance exams. We prepare children for the tests given by Anderson, NEST+m, Lab, Clinton, and Salk. Almost all of our students have been admitted to their first choice of District 2 middle schools and many have been admitted to NEST+m and Anderson.
  • ISEE for private school admission. Again, the vast majority of our students get into one of their top choices for middle school and high school.
  • SHSAT. Consistently, many of our students make the Stuyvesant cutoff. Not all of them rank Stuyvesant as their first choice and, so, while we have many students at Stuyvesant, we also have students thriving at other specialized high schools such as Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, and the High School for Math Science and Engineering at City College. 
  • ACT. We have raised kids ACT scores by as much as 7 points. The ACT is based on topics and skills your child should have learned in school but may have missed. Once these missed areas are identified, our targeted teaching methods are supremely effective at helping children do better.